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1Angelkin Empty Angelkin on Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:53 pm

Angelkin 818e0_Fantasy_Warrior_Angel_Fantasy_Photo_Wallpapers_For_Mobile_Fantasy-Warrior-Angel-fantasy-24087994-1279-901-500x352
Main Trait: Intimidating
Common Element: Any
Lifespan: Immortal
Average Height: 6'0"-6'6"
Average Weight: 150-200 lbs

An Angel's skin tones, eye color, and overall physical appearance often appear to be holy and divine. They are taller than humans however their essence is somewhat lighter. It is not uncommon for Angels to radiate a powerful aura of colored light depending on their mood and seem to be more real than anything around them. Some Angels' auras are so powerful that they convey emotions and so most will learn how to control their aura as children so that they can be more persuasive speakers or stealthier thieves. Most Angels are considered unnatural their entire lives because of their hardly changing appearance after 12 years of age.

Most Angels find no comfort in their host societies; with few ever truly feeling at home. It is because of this Angels tend to travel, following whatever path they wish, so that can find their place in the world. Some are drawn to divine paths, such as that of the paladin or clerics, while others wish to commune with nature, becoming sages and shamans; though more commonly an Angel will seek to prove themselves in battle and are well represented among the martial classes. Angels are often intimidating to be around and anyone stuck in conversation with an Angel often finds themselves either on the edge of fright or hanging on the edge of the Angel's every word.

Angels are rarely found in groups as it is common for them to seek solitude however those who are more extroverted seek out their fellow angels looking for some form of kinship that they never had. Due to the power and rarity of the race, many Angels are kept as personal retainers to nobles and kings, and are frequently used as elite guards. It is not uncommon for a king to hire an Angel as a personal bodyguard, trainer and teacher of the heir to the throne, however the great attractiveness of some Angels results in kings sending them away for fear of losing their queen.

The race of Angelkin come in two different sub-species. Cherubs (two wings) and Seraphs (four wings), they originate as the creations of Celestials. Born as the offspring of two human parents. When a human infant is ascended to angelhood by a Celestial, they gain all the benefits of having heavenly powers. All angels have power to command a specific element. Although dark angels are extremely rare, they do appear from time to time. Angelkin also have the ability to enter a trance-like state whereby they can directly communicate telepathically with the Celestial individual that ascended them.

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