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Greater Golem

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1Greater Golem Empty Greater Golem on Sun Jan 05, 2014 8:50 pm

Greater Golem 3159_a927_960
Average Lifespan: Variable
Average Height/Weight: 18'0"-20'0", 5000-6000 lbs
Habitat/Location Found: Golems are automatons, artificially created and under the direct control of their creator. They have no society and are not associated with any particular habitat.

A greater golem is twice the height of a lesser golem, and weighs around 5000 pounds. Equal in size to a highland giant. It can be fashioned in any stylized manner, just like the lesser golems, although it almost always is built displaying armor of some sort. Its features are much smoother in contrast to the lesser golem. Greater golems are sometimes found with a short sword (relative to their size) in one hand.

On extremely rare occasions this sword will be magical.
The iron golem cannot speak or make any vocal noise, nor does it have any distinguishable odor. It moves with a ponderously smooth gait at half the speed of a normal man. Each step causes the floor to tremble, unless it is on a thick, solid foundation. Unlike the lesser golems, the greater golems are always under the complete control of their master.

A greater golem can obey simple instructions involving direct actions with simple conditional phrases. Although this is better than a lesser golem is capable of following, they still make poor servants. Any given task could take several separate commands to direct the golem to its completion. Golems are not natural creatures, and play no part in the ecology of the world. They neither eat nor sleep, and “live” until they are destroyed, usually in combat. Certain spells (see above) can be used to heal or repair any damage done to them in combat. This is usually done by their creators to insure long and valuable service.

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