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1Ghoul Empty Ghoul on Sun Jan 05, 2014 9:50 pm

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Main Trait: Cunning
Average Lifespan: 150-160 years
Common Element:  Water, Earth, Darkness, Spirit
Average Height/Weight: 5'0"-6'0", 100-200 lbs

When a vampire bites a human there are three possible outcomes, conversion, infection and death. A converted human will be completely drained of blood turning them into a vampire. But the select few humans that are not drained and do not die, become ghouls. Humans infected with the Vampiric curse yet still flowing with living blood. Granted the powers of a vampire, their voracious hunger for blood and a slightly increased lifespan.

Although the change from human to ghoul can sometimes destroy their sanity, ghouls have a terrible cunning which enables them to hunt their prey most effectively. Ghouls are vaguely recognizable as once having been human, but have become horribly disfigured by their change to ghouls. The tongue becomes long and tough for licking marrow from cracked bones, the teeth become sharp and elongated, and the nails grow strong and sharp like claws. They gain the speed and agility of a vampire as well as their power to regenerate wounds when drinking fresh blood. But they can not infect other humans.

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