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1Deathknight Empty Deathknight on Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:46 am

Deathknight Knight_by_egakuro-d5gk1kp
A grim and silent order of knights, deathknights are conduits of the negative energy plane. Having sworn their lives in the pursuit of death and demonic power, they wander the lands looking for chances to increase the power of death and the dark forces. Deathknights are a rare sight, as not many have the devotion and are not attuned enough to the negative energy plane to become deathknights.

The first deathknight was made in a pact between a powerful arch-devil and a bitter ex-paladin. The ex-paladin swore his life to  the entity and in return received dark powers from the demon. Deathknights can be found wandering the land solitary or leading a pack of undead or demonic creatures. They could be found working as a lieutenant of a powerful demon or necromancer, or even as a warlord intent on conquering.

All deathknights follow the code made by the first deathknight, and some even add to it. They hold honor in great reverence, slaying a man without honor is not worthy to live, and shun those who break agreements. Deathknights are the polar opposite of Paladins, They are warriors of darkness, who use a variety of weapons and are also skilled in dark magic.


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