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Shelke the Forest sage (W.I.P) Empty
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Shelke the Forest sage (W.I.P)

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1Shelke the Forest sage (W.I.P) Empty Shelke the Forest sage (W.I.P) on Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:10 am


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Jr. Member
Shelke The Forest Sage
Race: Chimera- Tailmouth- Three tails.
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 5'7, 150 pounds. (Without tails.)
Class: Battlemage, specializing in Terromancy and Herbology.
Religion: Terrokism.
Alignment: Forest and Earth

Easy going, often lazy, this forest sage awakened to being a chimera a little early then five due to a hormonal imbalance. Having seen three of her own kind nearly destroyed and having to finish them off herself to end their suffering she has grown detached from people. A bit of a hermit, but willing to help those who stumble into her forest. she is a bit of a monster when angered, known to use her three mouthtails as weapons on others. She either smacks them hard to bat them away or attempts to bite or eat them.

For affection she can lick a person with her tails,even-though her three tails are a separate entities they have some semblance of her mentality. and emotions. When she feels pain so too do they. If she feels a strong enough emotion they will react.

The far left tail has a sexy succubi voice, the middle one has a dumb sort of voice  and the far right one has a sort of dark and ominous tone.

(It's a link because the picture is too big.)

Imagine her but with mouthtails, 3 of them. Her mouthtails are black and silken soft, with light blue tips.


As a babe the little girl was sickened with scarlet fever, docters  became scared and feared for her life. The fear grew to panic, the panic to obsession. then the parents reacted. They summoned a mage to preform a fusion spell upon the babe, at the age of 2 she was fused with some animal parts. This wasn't the typical way a tailmouth came to be, but when she turned 4 2/3rd years of age she visited a mage, wanting to have her palm reach. When he diid so the magic in her reacted and she instantly grew ears and a mouthtail.

She knew she had to leave least she be killed so she hightailed it out of there. Her mind was frantic as she ran away in the quickest manner possible to her, her feet. Her mind was racing and her heart was beating like crazy as she moved as fast as possible.

Soon she found herself in a small colony of creature's much like herself all helping each other. Her love for nature never faded, an soon she would be faced with a terrible event that would forever change her and scar her. She found her two best friend's, whom had wandered outside of keddlecamp, which was the camp they resided in, her friends were creature's much like her being tailmouths. With her knuckle knife punch dagger she committed the killing blows their nearly dead bodies' as they were whimpering from how much they suffered. Thus at the age of seven seven she gained two more tails, due to this.

She couldn't face the beings at keddlecamp. The elder would make her an outcast, so she spared herself the trouble and became a forest hermit. She lived off the fat of the land. Stealing things from travelers little by little helped too, as well as holding discussions with them. She soon gained an ability known as "Treespeak" Where she could hear and see through the trees. Thus it made up for her lack of any sort of physical contact. Ising the steam from a tree and some vines she fashioned herself a throned staff with a berry used to tune her magical powers. By tuning she can cast more powerful spells with less mana via drawing on the power of the natural energy all around her. .

Roleplay Sample:

Shelke sat upon an abandoned tree stump within the forest, her purple eyes looking about as she lulled a song between her lips peacefully. Soon an arrow flew by her head and she turned to face the direction it came from, her heart a flutter. Her mind was going crazy, she was filled with the animalistic fight or flight instinct.  She shot up and launched herself off the tree stump and onto a nearby tree, using her hands to attempt to climb it. Her eyes were filled with fright as she got to the top and shook as she attempted to hide and blend in with the leaves, using her leafy clothes as camo.

Her heart was beating insanely fast and soon the hunter shot afew more shots into the tree, one hit her tail and she instantly whimpered, falling out of the tree. She ran at him and tackled him after kicking off the tree and using the momentum to pounce him. She used her knuckle knife to gouge his eyes out.

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