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1Vampire Empty Vampire on Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:51 pm

Vampire Large
Main Trait: Secretive
Common Element: Earth, Air, Darkness, Spirit
Life span: Immortal (Doesn't age past 30)
Average Height: 5'0"-6'0"
Average Weight: 90-180 lbs

Vampires are pale-skinned humanoids that are infected with the vampiric curse. Their hair can range from a mottled jet black to a ravenous snow white-- some may even have deep gray hair. Most vampires either have golden or red eyes-- suggesting their otherwise abnormal behavior and their undying thirst for mortal blood. Most vampires prefer to kill their victims before engorging themselves, while others take advantage and take a good bite to repair physical or mental damage caused by their adversaries. Once quenched, it is only a matter of time before they want more once again.

Usually they are born as Humans, but other humanoid races have been known to be infected with the curse such as Shade and Graveborn. They are gifted with immortality, enhanced senses, speed and agility, immunity to disease and a voracious hunger for blood. Like liches, they often embrace finery and decadence and may assume the guise of nobility. Despite their human appearance, vampires can be easily recognized, for they cast no shadows and throw no reflections in mirrors. Vampires are never accepted by civilized races because of their hunger for blood which usually gets the best of them. However some Vampires have the will power to restrain themselves.

The one thing vampires hate more then anything is sunlight. If they are caught out in the sun for more then a couple hours at a time then they will slowly disintegrate into ashes. They are powerful dark magic users and are very stealthy. Some Vampires are found in the criminal underworld of most cities. As that is one of the few places were they are accepted and can still remain with in civilization. Vampires can die from battle just like any other races but they are immune to the affects of Age. They stop ageing at about thirty years old in human terms.

Typical vampires are normally found in abandoned caves or deep within dungeons away from the damaging rays of the sun. Sometimes even venturing into the Aerth, living on the outskirts of civilization. Sunlight is the one thing many vampires fear the most, but some have grown accustomed to travelling above their dark prisons and explore the world above. Eventually gaining resistances to the sun's harmful effects over time. Capable of surviving in sunlight for a matter of hours instead of just a few minutes.

Soon, they develop tactics similar to other natural species with the concept of settlements and exploration. These few vampires are prime examples of the evolution of time. Many of their still have radical behaviors reflected from their dungeon-dwelling relatives, such as their thirst for blood, but generally vampires above ground develop a deeper meaning of whom or what to choose of themselves and what they ought to do. It is a separation of two worlds, one of civilization, and one of complete savagery. Many vampires tend to gather in groups called covens. There are several powerful covens spread throughout the dark places of the world.

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