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1Gargoyle Empty Gargoyle on Mon Dec 23, 2013 10:06 pm

Gargoyle Gargoyle_color
Main trait: Patient
Common Element: Earth, Air, Darkness, Spirit
Life span: 1000-1200
Average Height: 6'6"-7'6"
Average Weight: 250-300 lbs

Gargoyles are an ancient race of beings who's origin is clouded in mystery at the dawn of time. Believed to have been spawned by the earth elemental Terrok shortly after the creation of Overdark. Gargoyles are capable of living for over a thousand years and are the subject of myths and legend across the world. The vast majority of current day gargoyles reside in the ruined cities and villages of Overdark. Governed by an exclusive council made up of the eldest of their race. They are also able to shape shift into a humanoid form. Although their stony colored skin does not change, they commonly walk around large cities during the day, hooded and cloaked so no part of their body is visible.

Gargoyles can sometimes appear to be winged stone statues, for they can perch indefinitely without moving, allowing them to surprise their foes. Their skin as hard as solid rock. Gargoyles tend toward obsessive-compulsive behaviors that are as varied as their kind is plentiful. Books, stolen trinkets, weapons, and grisly trophies harvested from fallen foes are just a few examples of the types of things a gargoyle might collect to decorate its lair and territory. Gargoyles tend toward a solitary lifestyle, though they sometimes form fearsome groups called “wings” for protection and sport, usually consisting of 3-6 gargoyles.

In certain conditions, a wing of gargoyles might even ally with other races, but even the most stable alliances with a gargoyle wing can collapse for the smallest of reasons—gargoyles are nothing if not treacherous, petty, and vindictive. Gargoyles have been known to dwell in the heart of the largest of cities.

The longer a wing of gargoyles abides in a region of ruins or buildings, the more its members come to resemble that region's architectural styles. The changes a gargoyle's appearance undergoes are slow and subtle, but over the course of years, it can shift radically. Adapting to camouflage with their environment.

Gargoyles are usually solitary creatures, unless they form bonds with other humanoids, or manage to find a means to awaken other guardian gargoyles. They are obsessed with finding a means to procreate and identify themselves as sapient beings, like other species, but acutely aware of how unlike them they are. Most gargoyle wings will cluster around the eldest, or the gargoyle who awakened them. Awakened gargoyles are frequently territorial, a remnant of their specific-purpose origins.

Gargoyles are often mistrustful of other races, assuming they seek to enslave, subvert, or harm them. This semi-xenophobic attitude often works against them, since members of other races often assume that gargoyles are monsters, who should be attacked or destroyed. Occasionally, these differences can be overcome, particularly if the social grouping of gargoyles has a wise or experienced leader, in which case a wing of gargoyles can make a steadfast and incredibly powerful ally.

There are eight distinct bloodlines or “clans” of gargoyles, each of which have their own physical traits and features. Unlike gargoyles which are spawned by magic users, which are asexual. Natural gargoyles have gender and sex, and have learned how to procreate, in a method quite dissimilar from most other biological species. Where most biological entities depend on eggs, gargoyles use a substance called "lifestone", which is formed from the body of one parent, and carved by the other. As a result, over time, specific pockets of population have come to share traits, in a manner similar to the shared traits normally observed in biological reproduction.

Some gargoyles continue to awaken from constructs crafted by magic users, which does create a continuing population of gargoyles, as well as the generic gargoyles, outlined above. Gargoyle societies are often ranked by age first, then number of children. A gargoyle cannot procreate again until the offspring they collaborated in dies or matures. This makes them a very slow-growing race, but given their natural semi-immortality, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

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