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Explaining The Light

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1Explaining The Light Empty Explaining The Light on Sat Dec 28, 2013 4:24 pm

According to ancient lore and legend. The world of Overdark was created by an all powerful, immortal being who is known only as "The Light". In the beginning, The Light created the universe. Out of compassion for creation, The Light created the four realms of existence and populated them with life. The Light granted all living things the right to free will. Out of this gift to life, the primordial forces of darkness were born. To combat this new threat, The Light created a race of beings called the "Celestials". They would act as enforcers of The Light throughout Overdark. But many of the Celestials refused to accept this role. Joining the primordial darkness and transforming themselves into the 1st Demons. The highest of the Celestials named Kyrom, became the master of darkness. Commander of the demonic hordes. After the great war between the Celestials and the Demons, Kyrom and the other Demons were banished the Abyss. Kyrom would be forever known as the Dread Lord Kyros. Ever since, the Demon have been plotting their revenge. It is believed that because The Light is so pure and incorruptible, the mere mention of his unknown, secret name in any language will result in the soul bursting into flames.
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