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1Shade Empty Shade on Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:45 pm

Shade Dark_Elves_by_yumedust
Main Trait: Deceptive
Common Element: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Darkness, Spirit
Average Lifespan: 160-180 years
Average Height: 5'0"-5'6"
Average Weight: 90-180 lbs

The Shade are a race of beings similar to Humans who have mastered the art of psionic magic. Psychic by nature, they use these abilities on a daily basis. Having been corrupted by dark magic, they have become outcasts in Human society.Inhabiting the cold darkness of Sheol, the lower realm. It is believed that Shade originated as Humans who willingly surrendered to the primordial forces of darkness. In turn they became a twisted form of life. They have obsidian colored skin and black hair.

This hair is carefully groomed and cared for by most Shade and worn long with jewelry and other accessories decorating it. They are incapable of growing beards, though many males are fond of long sideburns. Their eyes are usually bright red, but some are known to have different colored, commonly much paler, eyes such as blue, lilac, pink or silver. Sometimes their eyes are even green which would implicate that this particular Shade has some surface Human blood in their veins.

Shade are more agile and alluring than most humanoid races and also have many other special abilities that differentiate them from other races, they require no sleep but instead enter a meditative trance throughout which they retain full awareness of their surroundings. They are taught from an early age to trust no one, forging alliances only when they are confident that they can outmatch their ally if he/she decides to turn on them. The inherent pride in their own abilities quite often leads to such alliances being forged, though they almost always end badly when one party decides said alliance is no longer convenient.

From birth, they are taught they are superior to other races and should crush those beneath them. Children who resist and show kindness or love are brutally punished, so as to drive the instinct of cruelty into them. They value advancement over their peers more than anything else, pulling down their superiors and crushing their inferiors. This doesn't mean they treat all of their peers with disdain, however. They are not barbaric and appreciate a sense of subtlety and thus they are typically courteous and urbane, even to their most hated rivals.

Not all Shade become a part of the violent mainstream culture that most of the race are forced to endure. Those few who escape the life of Shade society might break away entirely from their dark past, while some fortunate Shade are actually born and raised outside of Sheol. Some finding a hint of virtue within themselves in spite of all the terrors they witnessed, or perhaps because of it. Others have only recently turned to better ways, either out of guilt or out of the simple fact they're no longer obliged to do so. Yet others are dangerously insane, broken by the horrors that shook their psyche.

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