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1Phoenix Empty Phoenix on Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:20 pm

Phoenix Pyromancer-mark-conrad
Main Trait: Unpredictable
Common Element: Fire, Light, Spirit
Life span: Immortal (reborn from their own ashes)
Average Height: 5'0"-6'0"
Average Weight: 100-200 lbs

Several millennium ago, the first Phoenix was created. During the early years of the Cyclopian age, Pyrock the elemental of fire came down to the mortal plane in human form. As he neared the end of his mortal cycle a large cabal of wizards created a magical trap around Pyrock. Once the elemental incinerated itself, it's powers were transferred into the unborn child of a modified human. After a thousands years of breeding, the powers of new generations have been diluted.

Though with perseverance and training, their ancestral powers can be unlocked. Phoenix can easily fit into normal society, usually as mercenaries or combat types. They always have red or orange hair and naturally tanned skin. As long as they don't flare up, they are safe from pursuit. Once they are discovered, they may be tracked and captured by the Order of Pyrock. Although due to their natural ability to transform into a fiery man-sized bird at will, they typically have an easy escape route.

A phoenix might appear as the protector of a small town, or as a wandering mercenary, but they all have the same desire, to establish a home. They are wanderers and therefore never have a place of their own. Sometimes a phoenix may find a small town or a village that they protect from harm, but they could move on as quickly as they came, with no warning. They answer to know one, they are free spirited individuals who go wherever their hearts lead them. When a Phoenix nears the end of their life, they go out in a blaze of glory, literally. They burst into flame, disintegrating into ashes. Out of these ashes they are reborn as a small child, but their memories of their life before are completely erased.

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