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1Sauran Empty Sauran on Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:26 pm

Sauran Saa_lizardman
Main Trait: Self-Absorbed
Common Element: Any
Life span: 315-330 years
Average Height: 6'0"-7'0" ft
Average Weight: 200-250 lbs

Ancient beings from the time of the draconic age. Living mostly in the marshy areas of Overdark. Saurans are large, scaly humanoids who are savage marauders and scavengers. They have no traditions for cultivating food, so they arrange their meals by either hunting prey or raiding the larders of others. They grow to between 6 and 7 feet tall, and weigh between 200 and 250 pounds. Their scales range in color from dark green to gray to brown. Their thickly muscled tails run from 3 to 4 feet long.

Most sauran don't care much about strategy or tactics. They are cunning hunters, but in battle they simply rush their foe and try to overwhelm him with their superior strength or by force of sheer numbers. When the sauran are attacked, however, they use their skill as hunters to lay snares, pitfalls, and other traps for those who pursue them.

Simple but deadly traps such as these protect many sauran lairs. The sauran have a patriarchal society. The strongest member of the tribe rules over the others by virtue of his power alone. Most are wise enough to recognize this power, so challenges only happen infrequently. When they do, they entirely disrupt the life of the tribe until either a new leader has been established or the old one has reaffirmed his position. Saurans are generally peaceful and secretive, however one must always keep watch when in the territories of the violent war-tribes that do not hesitate to attack outsiders.

The sauran usually stick to marshy swampland, found near coastlines and rivers deltas. However, they often migrate more inland as long as there are marshes and swamps for them to inhabit. Every once in a long while, an intellectual sauran can be found in cities throughout the world. This however is a rare occurrence, they are rarely accepted into any non draconic community because of their territorial and protective behavior. Personal space is of vital importance to the sauran and those who invade their "bubble" either get a mouthful of fist in their face or they may loose a few appendages.

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