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1Fighter Empty Fighter on Mon Dec 30, 2013 6:05 pm

Fighter 958b50ac

Fighters are masters of the body, the martial arts, and of physical combat. Monks are often very calm, and slow to anger. Many will have a sense of mysticism about them. Others are very open and philosophical, questioning everything. Every Monk follows a different martial path. Some monks use light throwing weapons, but most just use their hands and feet to devastating effect. Some Fighters shout the names of their techniques in battle to demoralize their opponents, others stay aloof and silent during even the toughest of challenges.

From high in forbidding mountains to the alleys of a city's meanest district, the ascetic warriors known as Fighters practice their art. By focusing on their minds and bodies, honing both to near perfection, they master a psionic fighting art that allows them to deliver a punch with the force of a giant's club and to absorb attacks as easily as a heavily armored knight. Fighters tap into the psionic potential that rests within themselves, turning that energy further inward to fortify their bodies and sharpen their minds.

Perhaps you set out on this path to put a dark past behind you. Or your village was victimized one time too many by an evil lord or marauding beasts and you now seek justice. No matter what your motivation, the path of the monk transforms you into a living weapon.

The road opens wide before you. With little more than a walking stick and perhaps a satchel of food, you are ready to take on whatever the world can throw at you. Your years of training taught you to turn your eye inward. Now it is time to look outward and test yourself against the world’s dangers.


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