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1Parem'Zel Empty Parem'Zel on Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:58 pm


190 years old
6'6", 260 lbs
Elementalism (Worship of the Elementals)
Royal Agent of the Overnan King
Strong willed, compassionate, cautious, patient, strategic.

Parem'Zel C1277495-b474-467b-9760-b46ade072d6a_zps5d1fa66c
One hundred-ninty years ago, Parem'Zel was carved out of stone by his father. His father surrendered his own soul-stone to bring life to his only son. Born into a world where the Crusadrem of Dawn had hunted the gargoyle race to near extinction. His mother and the rest of his "wing" which included three other gargoyles were scattered and divided. His mother slain by one of the Crusadrem hunters. He was found as a child at the doorstep of a wealthy Overnan noble.

As a Gargoyle he grey quicker then the humans he grew up with. At ten years of age he had reached maturity and had a full set of wings. Although smaller then the average Gargoyle he towered over most of the human kids. He was an outcast in human society and his adopted family were put to shame because of it. But at the age of twenty, a highland giant had entered the outskirts of town and was causing havok. With determination he transformed into his full gargoyle form and flew above the giant, severing its head with his razor sharp wings.

From then on he was celebrated in Overna City. Given the nickname of "Giant Slayer" by his neighbors. Over the years he quickly and discretely worked his way up the ranks of the royal palace guard. At the age of sixty he had slain a dozen giants that were plaguing the country side. His reputation as a giant slayer was rising and the king took notice. Establishing Parem as the official "Royal Agent". Acting as both a spy, assassin, a monster hunter and pretty much anything else the crown needed to be done. For over a century he has been the hand and enforcer of the Overnan thrown, having lived through five generations of Overnan kings and queens.

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2Parem'Zel Empty Re: Parem'Zel on Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:28 am

Parem'Zels Cynthian Rapier
(Kimyamoto-Silent Fire)

Parem'Zel Img-thing?

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