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1Manticore Empty Manticore on Tue Dec 31, 2013 2:55 pm

Manticore E3aa0-manticore_by_ekoputeh
Average Lifespan: 120-150 years
Average Height/Weight: 4'0"-5'0" tall, 10'0"-12'0" long, 300-400 lbs
Habitat/Location Found: Highland regions

Description: Manticores are found in any climate but prefer warm lands to cool ones. This reflects the wide climate range of their favorite food, humans. A manticore's territory may cover 20 or more square miles and includes at least one human settlement. Such territories usually overlap with those of other manticores and other man-eating predators like dragons. Manticores mate for life. The male remains with the female during gestation and hunts for her. Manticores bear one or two cubs which grow rapidly to adulthood in five years. Wild adults may voluntarily ally themselves with evil humans, provided such allies can provide them with a steady, ample food supply.

Manticores normally eat their prey where they kill it. Males sometimes haul slain prey back to their mates or drag still-living prey to their lairs for the cubs to practice killing. Manticores collect their victims' valuables for a variety of reasons, including curiosity, emulation of other monsters who collect treasure, the man-scent on the things, or because they know humans value the things and therefore might come looking for them. Their lack of real hands prevents most manticores from using what magical items fall into their possession.

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