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1Griffin Empty Griffin on Tue Dec 31, 2013 3:51 pm


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Griffin 640x452_1372_Griffin_2d_fantasy_griffin_creature_picture_image_digital_art
Average Lifespan: 100-140 years.
Average Height/Weight: 5'0 tall, length is about 8'0 including tail. Weighs anywhere for 200-500 lb.
Habitat/Location Found: Unless tamed by a warrior, Griffin's are usually found on cliffs or flying through the air. You may occasionally see them on ground to get fish for their food.

DESCRIPTION: Half eagle and half lion, this animal will kill you if you try to tame it. Living high above the highest trees of forests, the griffins roam freely through Overdark. Many races don't believe that there is such a monster, as they don't usually go down to the ground. The few believers of the beast have tamed the poor animal. Many disbelievers cover his/her truthfulness by saying it is a disguised skyship. But until they see it, most believe it is one of the worst mythologies Overdark has had.

Griffin's enjoy soaring through the clouds. Classes such as Warrior and Ranger may be strong enough to tame the beast if they could lower it from the ground. It is nearly impossible to force the Griffin down to the ground unless there are dozens trying to catch the beast. If captured, a Griffin is tamed through much torture and labor. The thing will usually take two months to give in and become obediant to the master of it. Then they can be used for things like transportation purposes.

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