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1Greyfolk Empty Greyfolk on Mon Jan 13, 2014 2:59 pm

Greyfolk Duergar_Abduction_by_BenWootten
Main Trait: Durable
Life Span: 185-200 years
Common Element: Fire, Earth, Darkness, Spirit
Average Height: 4'0"-4'6"
Average Weight: 90-180 lbs

The Six Greyfolk Clans Are As Follows:

Lords of the aerth and conquerors of the deep. That is their reputation among surface dwellers. The greyfolk are an old race, as old as the earth itself, if one goes by their histories. They are stubborn and set in their ways, but only because their ways have historically worked well for them. Under most circumstances, each clan has remained equal to the others, with no clan or individual ruling over any other. Hard lessons have led to the greyfolks aversion to kings, because injudicious monarchies, in their experience, frequently lead to wars. Some might justifiably counter that a well-time king can end wars as well, but greyfolk know their histories. There have been dozens of great kings in their history, all charismatic monarchs who united the bickering clans against a common threat. Greyfolk are short and stocky, but as heavy as a human. They are broad and stable creatures, perfectly suited to working close to the earth. Their thick fingers are capable of surprisingly fine manipulations, while their strength allows them to dig through all but the hardest stone. The men grow beards as a matter of pride, only trimming them enough to keep them tidy, and they enjoy braiding and ornamenting them, especially for special occasions.

Traditionally, clan allegiance and caste placement meant everything among the greyfolk, but as their civilization has declined from constant war with the monsterous hordes of the aerth, the six greyfolk clans have become more and more divided. Although bloodline is still a mark of pride for them, from a particularly strong clan, personal accomplishments also have great importance. Greyfolk are a stoic but stern race, they live solitary lives or in small family groups. Fiercely determined to repel the depredations of savage monsters which dwell within the tunnels and caverns of the aerth. More than any other race, greyfolk have acquired a reputation as having an unjustifiable greed for wealth, beauty and being highly militaristic and disciplined. Greyfolk are also lovers of history and tradition. Thrifty as a rule, they are loath to discard anything unless it is truly ruined and unable to be fixed.

At the same time, the greyfolks meticulous, near-obsessive attention to detail and durability in their craftsmanship makes that a rare occurrence, as the things they make are built to last. As a result, buildings, artwork, tools, housewares, garments, weapons, and virtually everything else made by them still sees regular use at an age when such items would be relegated to museum pieces, dusty antique shelves, or junkyard fodder by other races. Taken together, these traits create the impression that the greyfolk are a race frozen in time. These traits have led the greyfolk to explore and settle in extreme environments that would cause other races to quail and retreat. From the darkest depths of the underworld to the highest mountain peaks, from rusting iron citadels along desolate rocky coasts to squat jungle ziggurats, greyfolk have established their enclaves and redoubts, holding them against all comers or perishing to the last and leaving only their enduring monuments to stand as their legacy.

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