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1Hydra Empty Hydra on Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:33 pm

Hydra Elemental_water_by_adamsund
Main Trait: Unstable
Common Element: Water, Light, Darkness, Spirit
Life Span: 50-70 years
(Can only die of old age under normal circumstances)
Average Height: 5'0"-6'0"
Average Weight: 100-200 lbs

Hydras are the water-element equivalent of Phoenixes. Born when a phoenix drowned in the briny depths of Roaroch's ocean. Trapped in a state of death and rebirth, he cried out for mercy, and the jealous god of the sea took this opportunity to create his own people, He stripped the phoenix of every trace of fire, and filled him instead with his own power, the element of water. Saved from his fate, the phoenix was reborn not in a new body, yet his mind was filled with the voices of all the hims that had perished while he waited to be reborn in this new, fire-less form. His children became the Hydra race.

Hydras are often paler than phoenixes, and their hair is black, or some shade of blue or green. Their eyes can be any human color, or bright blue and sea green. Because they gain a new, fractured personality with each rebirth, they often have dark lines under their eyes which get darker the more they are reborn, as it becomes hard to sleep with so many voices in their head. Unlike phoenix's who are natural masters at pyromancy, their specialty is in hydromancy.

Unlike a phoenix, who is reborn in a glorious flame, a Hydra melts into a puddle and slowly reforms into their old body, memories and skills in tact. But the experience is wrenching, and traumatizing. Because of this all Hydras have an extreme and worsening case of multiple personality disorder, one new voice added with each death. Hydras are often loners, and prefer more subtle machinations to their fiery brethren. They are more often rogues, thieves, and spies than knights and defenders. They find it hard to make friends because they spend so much time talking to themselves. Others find them off-putting because the always seem wet, cold, and clammy.

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