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1Satyr Empty Satyr on Wed Jan 15, 2014 10:34 pm

Satyr 0_62af8_dea72305_L.jpg
Main Trait: Friendly
Common Element: Earth, Light, Darkness, Spirit
Life Span: 70-100 years
Average Height: 4'6"-5'6"
Average Weight: 100-200 lbs

Puzzling and playful, the Satyr's habits within their habitat of the forest lands is a mystery to all but the most attuned listeners and followers of nature, even experienced druids and rangers are befuddled by their elusive qualities within the forest boundaries. However, if a traveler is lucky enough to see a Satyr, even to speak with one, they will discover their cheerful and bright nature. However, to cross minds with a Satyr is not wise, as their love of practical jokes and surprising quick wit makes them more than a match for any academic, scholar or wizard.

Satyr's are very friendly by nature, but are not fools of any silvered tongues. They are quick to strike up friendships and tight bonds with peoples of all backgrounds, races, creeds and alignments. They are also fond of jokes and song and make the best of any glum situation to lighten the mood. Satyr's are likable and charismatic, they are the glue that will hold a group together in even the most stressful and tense times. They will lift the lowest of spirits with their strange, almost magical musical talents. Combined with their mischievous nature they are fun and very compatible companions.

Satyr's stand shorter than human males, but taller than greyfolk. They appear scrawny at first sight but are stronger than most may first estimate. They sport a set of ram-like horns which protrude forwards from the hairline above each eyebrow. These can either be short, smooth and stubby which is present in most females of the race, or can be long and slender - a trait of the males. The entire body of a Satyr is covered in a mange of coarse hair goat hair colored brown through white. The shape and structure of their legs mirror that of a goat, they also possess instead of feet, a pair of hooves. Whilst they may be awkward in appearance, they make good walkers and runners.

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