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The Second Attempt of Civil War in Jericho

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1 The Second Attempt of Civil War in Jericho on Tue Dec 31, 2013 1:09 pm


Jr. Member
Jr. Member

Around 14,529 AT, the slaves of Jericho decided to rebel. This was in fact one of the first Civil War's in OverDark's history. However, the slaves did not have all the glory and weapons to fight of Jericho and their allies. The slaves were easily defeated. Only three of the ten city states took part in the war. Jericho, Darkridge, and Dawn. With three of the most evil city states up against the weakness of the slaves, they were easily overpowered. The war lasted from 14,529 AT - 14,530 AT, as the slaves were not too hard to defeat. Once the slaves were tamed, they obeyed their masters without question, working all the labor they could handle. This war was listed as The Civil War of Jericho.

Now, it is about 1,000 years later, and after hearing their history, the slaves formed once again a rebellion. The rebel slaves are much stronger than they were before, but so are the three city states: Jericho, Darkridge, and Dawn. But it will be a much tougher fight, but the predictions are still assumed that Jericho, Darkridge, and Dawn will win the SECOND CIVIL WAR OF JERICHO.

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Jr. Member
Jr. Member
An army needs a leader, no? I could see Ahjam rallying the rebellion, probably in an attempt to recruit them to his cause should they win the war. Course, if things go south he's gonna take his magic sword and disappear into thin air.

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Jr. Member
I could see Xanthus joining in on this as well, though with decidedly less noble intentions. As the wielder of the Spirit Drake Sword, he is a master-level necromancer. He would likely speak to whomever was leading the rebellion and offer the use of Necromancy to give them an edge that could tip the scales into their favor. "You are outnumbered and outmatched. With the ability to raise the enemy dead however, you need not be outnumbered for long." If you have any knowledge of Warcraft, then his intent would be almost like that of Ner'zhul (to create a massive undead army for his own purposes.) I doubt that the slaves would be overly against this idea, as they would doubtlessly know that they would be crushed without assistance whereas with it they could perhaps find victory. Just a thought that I came up with.

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4 Re: The Second Attempt of Civil War in Jericho on Fri Jan 10, 2014 11:50 pm

Hm... I might actually create a new character for this rp. Join in on the rebellion.

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