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The Elemental Drake Swords Empty
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The Elemental Drake Swords

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1The Elemental Drake Swords Empty The Elemental Drake Swords on Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:57 am

Formed during the end of the fallen age. The Drake swords are made from a combination of high quality steel, smelted dragon scales and elemental magic. According to legend there are seven
swords that were made. Unbreakable, eternally sharp, as hard as dragon scales and as flexible as the best quality steel.

Each of the seven blades had a specific color which was associated with its element. Fire, water, earth, air, light, darkness, spirit. The person who wields any one of the blades will have ultimate control and immunity over that blades element as long as the blade is in their hand. The current whereabouts of the seven legendary drake swords is a mystery...

However with this power, there is a catch. The seven drake swords are sentient, they have a conscience and a personality all their own. Unfortunately, they are incapable of speech. Therefore they communicate through both aura and vibration. These swords are capable of sensing everything going on around them, therefore when they want to warn a wielder of danger, they will vibrate silently.

Because the swords can not use words, they use aura instead. Aura is different in that it communicates emotion, not thought. The brighter and heavier the swords aura is, the more intense and conflicted their emotions are. The duller and lighter a blade is, the more balanced and less conflicted they are. Wielders can feel this aura, they can feel the emotion radiating from the blade.

The Drake Swords are a perk of being the 1st members to join Rise of Shadows. Once all of them are claimed, there will be no more free hand outs.


FIRE - Claimed by Jacob Thursday
Blade Color: Red

WATER - Unclaimed
Blade Color: Blue

EARTH - Unclaimed
Blade Color: Green

AIR - Claimed by Ahjam Salmara
Blade Color: White

LIGHT - Claimed by Vyssini
Blade Color: Gold

DARKNESS - Claimed by Kaspar Czek
Blade Color: Black

SPIRIT - Claimed by Xanthus Vas'Revenas
Blade Color: Purple

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